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Reduction of School Fees

The total cost of private schooling for a child can easily exceed £300,000 if it includes boarding and therefore it is no wonder that so many parents seek ways of mitigating the cost. Schools find themselves inundated about enquiries for bursaries and scholarships, with demand greatly exceeding the supply of available funds.

Education Advisers Ltd has written a new eGuide full of help for parents called "How to Save Money on School Fees", which consists of 10 Top Tips to reduce School Fees. It has the following 10 factors and 2 appendices:

  1. Means tested Bursaries for financially disadvantaged.
  2. Scholarships on Merit
  3. Grants from Education Trusts, LEAs, philanthropists
  4. Pay several years in advance (composition fee)
  5. Reductions for certain professions
  6. Sibling discounts
  7. Financial planning
  8. Contributions from other family members such as grandparents
  9. Help from employers
  10. ASK and NEGOTIATE!           

Appendix A . List of Trusts which may be prepared to help with school fees

Appendix B . Sample of bursary questionnaire

We believe the content of this eGuide is unique and therefore the full version is only available to bespoke clients receiving school advice from us. Please phone 01622 813870 to find how to obtain a copy.