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Personal tutors

Are you a Personal Tutor? Are you failing to capitalise on the opportunities from your client leads?

At Education Advisers Ltd, we run a totally impartial advisory service to ensure parents get their children into the most suitable schools. We run the only accurate & comprehensive league tables and that includes the only realistic table of preps in London, which we have compiled on their leaver destinations.

Given that many of our clients are looking for top academic schools, we now usually “assess” a child to see if they are capable of passing entrance tests, before referring them to Personal Tutors to strengthen their weakest areas.

Thus we have a growing need for tutors at home and abroad.

We prefer to deal with tutorial firms on a reciprocal exchange basis – we pass referrals to you and you give us school and university placements in exchange.

We handle all ages, day and boarding, mainstream and special needs.

We also have some special facilities for academic summer schools, such as medical school or Oxbridge preparation. Don’t fail to ask us!

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 and discuss how we can be better together.