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Investors in education

We are often approached by entrepreneurial organisations who may want to inter alia:

  • Build a new school
  • Construct a business plan for a new school
  • Find investors for a new school
  • Find a UK school to franchise their name / brand to a new international project
  • Build a new marketing or recruitment strategy
  • Recommend key staff
  • Recommend a new curriculum
  • Gather information on market status in order to open a new school or college

Our core business is offering families impartial advice on school choice. . We are the "go-to" people for expertise on the UK’s 2000+ private schools. We have 12 school / university choice websites with 1,500,000 visitors per year. We run the ONLY accurate and comprehensive league tables of UK independent schools.  This brings us into contact with most of the well known schools and colleges and we contribute to some of their expansion strategies.

We have some very experienced Senior Managers among our own staff plus our affiliates.

Thus, we are happy to discuss any of your proposals. We need to see a proper business plan to evaluate proposals or failing that to be retained on a fee basis to produce such a plan. We do not get involved in projects which are purely compensated on success based payoffs.

To give you an idea of our approach to school expansion, we commend you to request a copy of our eGuide "How to differentiate an independent school"

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 and discuss how we can be better together.