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Relocation Advice

Most parents come to our websites for help in finding and choosing the best school for their child. If you also need help in finding somewhere to live close to your chosen school, we can offer advice on properties both for purchase or rent.

It is very common for parents to want to find a school first and then seek a property which is within easy commuting distance from both the school and their place of work. In London and the Home Counties we have quite a lot of knowledge of housing areas and transport links – so we can give you a lot of guidance as part of our school advice service.

However, you may want help outside of the Home Counties or a more in-depth service, when we can introduce you to Home Relocation Consultants

When you move to a new area, you usually end up dealing with numerous estate agents, who are all charged with getting the best price for their sellers – not the best deal for you! This is where an experienced relocation consultant acts exclusively in YOUR interests. Find out about the best properties before they come to market. Take the hassle out of visiting lots of inappropriate properties which somehow do not match the glowing descriptions in those glossy brochures! Let the consultant do the research according to your exact brief as opposed to what other people want to sell you.

This specialist service only applies to properties priced in excess of £500,000 to buy or £4,000 per month to rent. We will put you in touch with a consultant operating in the area you wish to consider. These are all independent experienced firms and they are not owned by us. There is a consultancy fee for this service and they will contact you immediately to explain their services and terms. There is no obligation on you until you decide to retain their services. Just complete some simple contact details on our website