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Education Advisers Websites

We operate 12 different websites, which are all based on giving advice on choice of private schools or Universities. 5 of those websites also contain league tables of private schools, because we believe parents are entitled to know about the academic performance of schools and we take great care to ensure those tables are accurate, comprehensive, current and impartial.


Both our websites and our league tables are structured such that parents can focus on the particular type of school, age range and curriculum they are seeking rather than look at a huge list of schools, many of which are irrelevant to their search. All sites have search engines allowing you to search for schools by

  • Location
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Day or Boarding
  • Curriculum

The sites broadly cover the following categories

ALL UK private schools and colleges.  duplicates this site.

ALL private sixth form colleges (this does NOT include the sixth forms of private schools)

UK boarding schools for parents based overseas

Private schools in UK and Europe which teach the International Baccalaureate in English

Private schools in the UK offering one or more subjects in the CIE Pre-U curriculum

Private schools in UK providing teaching and support for dyslexic children

Private prep schools in Greater London area plus boarding preps outside of London

A selection of better summer programmes with the emphasis on academic courses

UK boarding schools visualised by video

Choosing UK Universities and degree courses

This site – an explanation of what we do.

It is our philosophy to publish a huge volume of free information about private schools. However, we also welcome your enquiries in respect of your own children or those of your friends. We also welcome any comments on the sites and we are able to publish corrections within one working day.