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Student Recruitment

Every school needs a marketing plan to set out your activity and budget year by year.

A lot of schools rail against the words "marketing" or worse "selling", but the blunt fact is you need to plan ahead to be aware of the available spaces in each year group, mixed between day and [Grab your reader’s attention with a great quote from the document or use this space to emphasize a key point. To place this text box anywhere on the page, just drag it.]boarding plus targeted by gender and nationality limits. It is impossible to do the job properly without setting targets. There is absolutely nothing wrong with targeting. It can stray into misuse when sales representatives are set such aggressive commission targets that admissions criteria get derailed by financial greed. So it’s a matter of judgement and control.

UK Recruitment

The majority of UK pupils are recruited by local initiatives and long standing relationships. All schools run Open Days, but they need constant reviewing for effectiveness. The biggest factor is usually how you promote the events. Paper advertising in magazines and local press is becoming increasingly more costly and ineffective. Have you tried internet advertising, email campaigns and social media? We do all three methods and rarely advertise in print. Ask us how

Pupil Recruitment Seminars

We increasingly favour seminars run in schools using unique psychological techniques. It’s very easy to put on a powerpoint slide presentation of the key features of your school, but we believe in engaging with the audience by discussing the curriculum, how it’s taught and how it’s going to benefit the child in university and career success. Then we also have unique closing techniques to maximise take up from parents. Ask one of our Principals to explain how it could benefit your school.

Foreign Agents

Recruitment of international students is normally a completely different process and is often controlled by foreign agents who clamour for more and more commission. The problem is separating the wheat from the chaff! There are far more amateur small time agents with very few talented students to place than super agents who are complete professionals. Stories of fabricated and fraudulent school reports are legion in some parts of the world.

Whilst we are in competition with many agents, we equally do joint ventures with selected trustworthy firms, where we train them how to generate and process business. Ask us for advice on managing agents.

Offline Promotions

We send out flyer campaigns for schools, where the key elements are identifying USPs and convincing the recipient to enquire further. We also do school / college brochures, which predominantly focus on serious academic capabilities rather than glossy fashion styles. We spend a large part of our time listening to parents needs and aspirations, which makes us ideally suited to respond to them.

Our Internet Advertising

By far the biggest proportion of our business is internet driven. We have 12 sites generating more than 1,500,000 annual visitors. This in turn translates into 1500 bespoke enquiries, which we refer to UK or EU schools. However, we also permit schools to advertise on our sites with colourful rotating banners plus school profiles. Most clients get more than 1,000 click throughs to their own sites. Our biggest clients get from 5,000 to 10,000 click throughs. Indeed with our biggest client we generate 75% of their website’s traffic.                     

A huge proportion of parents start a search by location. We list all independent schools for free – but that does not necessarily get you noticed. Parents can search our sites and find schools by their name, their location or their academic ranking. BUT, what if they lived in a town 5 miles from your school? What if you were located in Yorkshire and wanted boarders when most parents search on the Home Counties for boarding schools? They probably will not find you. However, with one of our bespoke promotion campaigns, we will make them find you. Thus, we construct banners which will appear when parents search on a particular location.

Many parents search "methodically" but the truth is they will get diverted if they see effective straplines. We can give you 3 to 6 revolving straplines with different messages. For most schools, we sit down and design those straplines to reflect your strongest selling points. They need to be big, bold, pithy and relevant. An eye catching revolving strapline optimised for extra locations can increase your traffic by more than 500%.

Let us quote you on a campaign to suit your needs. Most exercises cost less than the acquisition margin in one pupil’s fees.

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