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Relocation consultants and HR Directors

School choice is a primary consideration for families relocating to or around the UK. Indeed the acceptance of a job here is often conditional on the family being satisfied with school location, choice and availability.

Having happy children and families is crucial if companies are to have settled and productive employees. Given the expense and stress of cross country upheaval, it is crucial the relocating executive receives the best support available.

Education Advisers has been offering families impartial advice on school choice since 2004. We are the “go-to” people for expertise on the UK’s 2000+ private schools. We have 12 school / university choice websites with 1,500,000 visitors per year. We run the ONLY accurate and comprehensive league tables of UK independent schools.  This includes the ONLY practical league table of top prep schools in London.

However, the choice of the right school involves more than sticking a pin in a league table or a map. We have 8 extremely experienced advisers and our Academic Director is simultaneously Admissions Director of a UK Top 5 boarding school with more than 40 years experience. Our focus is always on the individual child’s needs and how these can best be met within geographical or budgetary limitations.

What makes us different?

It’s not as simple as finding a school with availability. We want our clients to secure a place at a great school, which is the best fit for their child.

  • First priority is to have an in depth discussion with the parents about their child(ren), their abilities, aspirations and needs.
  • We profile their child (ren) to choose the right school targets
  • We look ahead to ensure the child will be on the right path to maximise their chances of making a top senior school or university.
  • We mutually agree the best curriculum for their children
  • We often consider between 12 to 30 schools in a defined target area. We aim to produce the first list within 48 hours.
  • We take into account the commuting time to both school and place of work.
  • We map out the admissions process.
  • We assess the child to see if they will pass the entrance tests (if any)
  • We recommend additional tuition for weaknesses
  • We can advise on personal statements and interview technique for senior school ages
  • And so on!

We can help you with your clients – and not just for top schools

  • We place children with day or boarding schools for any gender
  • We place children with special educational needs
  • We find the right school for children with exceptional sports talent
  • We find non standard curriculums
  • We find the best school for special University ambitions
  • We do Uni prepping for Oxbridge, Med School, Art University etc.

We are experts in what we do. We can help you by providing detailed Guides on school choice considerations. The main guide can be reprinted in your own house style to hand out directly to employees.

Many employers will fund private school fees on a relocation. Thus the size of fees can become a very sensitive subject. Apart from working to the budget you set us, we have an absolutely unique Guide on "How to reduce your school fees" containing 10 different ways of cutting school fees liability. This is only given to fee retained clients, as it can save thousands of pounds.

We do charge consultancy fees to give impartial advice. Fees vary according to the extent of  service required and volume of cases introduced.

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 and discuss how we can help each other.