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International Consultants

Are you an educational agent or consultant? Are you failing to capitalise on the opportunities to place your best clients into top academic UK boarding schools?

The majority of international agents work on commission paid by schools – particularly when commission can exceed £3000 in a year for a single case? However, most of the top 10% of schools refuse to pay commission to agents – well why would they, if they have more than 5 times as many applicants as available spaces?

The inevitable consequence is that the majority of agents “sell” mid range boarding schools places or even schools who will pay enhanced commission. Well, it’s certainly no way to win respect from your clients if your financial reward is more important than the school you recommend for their child!

In Education Advisers Ltd, firstly we run the only accurate comprehensive league tables and secondly we are totally impartial with our advice on the most suitable school for each child. And, consequently we often charge fees to parents for our advice.

But it’s not as simple as charging a fee. We want our clients to win a place at a great school.

  • So we profile their child to make the right school choice
  • We map out the admissions process which might take up to 3 years
  • We assess the child to see if they will pass the entrance tests
  • We recommend additional tuition for weaknesses or gaps in ability
  • We can advise on personal statements and interview technique
  • And so on!

We can help you with your clients – and not just for top schools

  • We place children with day schools (who don’t pay commission)
  • We place children with special educational needs
  • We find the right school for children with exceptional sports talent
  • We find non standard curriculums
  • We find the best school for special University ambitions
  • We do Uni prepping for Oxbridge, Med School, Art University etc.
  • And so on!

We consider that we are experts in what we do.

We can joint venture with agents and share the fee revenues. What fees? What share? Every case is different and share of revenue is driven by the volume of business you introduce to us.

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 and discuss how we can be better together.