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UK Law mandates that non EU parents (not resident here) must appoint a guardian for each child receiving full time education in the UK. The guardian will accept legal responsibility for the child and also has the power to take decisions regarding emergency medical treatment as well as registering the child with a local family doctor. A guardian also provides the child with a place to live during school holidays, exeats (periodic closures of the school in term time), illness or school expulsion.

Most parents come to our website for help in finding and choosing the best school. International parents will usually need to appoint a guardian locally for their child(ren) and MOST schools will NOT perform this service. Thus we endeavour to find a trustworthy guardian close to the chosen school. We always prefer guardians to be a member of Aegis.

If you are a UK guardianship company, then please get in touch and tell us about yourselves and what areas you cover.

We like to deal with Guardianship companies where there can be a reciprocal flow of business, whereby you pass us referrals for school and university placement. You can see our expertise in these placements elsewhere on this site. Note – we also do a lot of day school placements and SEN cases, unlike most education consultants.

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